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The above turbo on the dyno produced 413 Hp on Jim Stecks 'pessimistic' dyno. The last year's setup made 357 on a chassis dyno but only 380 on the engine dyno. As of this writing (8/08/02) the car this engine has gone in is on its way to Bonneville.

Equal-length headers would not have been possible if the math model above had not been built first. After the model was completed, the straight sections were cut to length, the bends to correct the angles, and was then welded together.
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These two photos are parts Jim Steck has 'created' which will go on a Twin Spark engine.

The two distributors are being replaced by one Alfa distributor converted to use the Nissan TS cap and rotor.

 Above is the intake, using Spica throttle bodies, in the conversion of the TS to an aftermarket EFI.

The engine will go into a '72 GTV using the Spica airbox.

 Steck Bonneville Supercharged Engine | Supercharged GTV | Steck 4-Cylinder Engine Adapter
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