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AlfaCyberSite is pleased to include Talbot Sport Mirrors to our growing line-up of products.

These excellent mirrors are again available, identical to those produced from the 50's to the 70's. They were first seen on the 300SL Gullwing in 1955.

Many Giulietta, TZ, and SZ's along with most Abarth's, Ferrari's, Lotus's had them installed, as do many other Alfa (and other) racing cars of the period. If you are restoring a 50's to 60's Alfa to original condition, consider using these period correct mirrors.

Should your intention be to make an Alfa " your own", there is no finer mirror being made today - anywhere - which will look "more right" and will also outlast that expensive paint job. 

The workmanship is unexcelled and the finish is flawless. Positively locked into position, the mirror is virtually vibration free. The mirror glass is the finest, a precision ground first surface glass element, with glare reduction and a slight tint. Both flat and convex glass are available.

Talbot mirrors are produced in limited quantities with 100% quality control. The finest materials are used in their construction. Consider it the perfect mirror for your car.

While a price list for spare parts is included in the Technical Specifications, you will find, unless they are mint, purchasing and restoring older Talbot mirrors is not remotely cost effective.

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